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What is a Natural Swimming Pond?

A natural swimming pool or swimming pond is a hybrid between an ecological natural garden pond and a swimming pool.  Hence these features are also referred to as 'Natural Swimming Pools'.  The benefits are; that it has the aesthetic beauty of a natural pool or water garden but with the added benefit of being able to safely swim in its clean, healthy, clear water, as nature intended. The environmentally-friendly Eco pool uses purifying plants and the latest technology to keep the water clean, clear and safe, without the use of harsh chemicals such as chlorine.

The Benefits of Natural Swimming Pools


How Do Natural Swimming Pools Work?

A natural swimming pool is divided into two sections - a deeper swimming area and a shallower surrounding area (regeneration zone) with purifying plants to help keep the water clean, clear & debris-free.  The two sections can be divided by a barrier wall to ensure that the swimming area is kept separate from the plants, but also to allow water to circulate freely between the two areas.  The regeneration zone and filtration system all help the self-cleaning process and are very cost-effective to maintain.

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