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Commercial Water Management

Architectural / Business Parks

To enhance the value of public and private buildings, designers and architects are realising the need to incorporate water features. Nowadays outstanding architecture more often than not will include water as part of the design. Most of us cannot resist the fascinating effect of fountains and when incorporated with lighting the appeal is even more spectacular. Businesses are showing that they care for the environment by utilising magnificent water features as a focal point for their customers. We are able to offer high quality technology to ensure that the bodies of water will always stay clean, clear and safe.

Golf Courses

The beauty of golf courses can be shaped by water, an oasis of tranquillity; the excitement of a golfer reaches a high point when a water hazard must be overcome. We can maintain this for you to ensure this idyllic element of the golf course is sustained. It is of the upmost importance to keep the water clear and with our systems; we deal with the natural equilibrium of the lake without using environmentally harmful or damaging chemicals. We can satisfy a wide range of requirements including equipping the lake with fountains and lighting.

Fish Hatcheries

Whether food fish, stock fish or ornamental fish; keeping optimum water quality conditions for the welfare of the livestock can be a challenge. We can help you to maintain the value of the stock by providing you with solutions to guarantee the desired water quality. Large fish stocks can suffer from low dissolved oxygen levels and large stocks of fish are at a high risk of disease and death. Algae growth can also increase dramatically due to the high influx of nutrients caused by simple excretion or excess food. Many fish hatchery owners now rely on us to provide them with piece of mind knowing that the welfare of their stock is safe.


Keeping wild animals in a nearly natural environment requires the highest quality of water available. Our systems can support the zoos in maintaining this water quality that is required to ensure the various species of animals are protected, whether a jungle pond, a sea lion pool or a read bed filter for the penguins. We can help to protect the flora and fauna required for our rapidly increasing number of endangered species.

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