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Systems for Natural Swimming Pools

Most people when looking into having a natural swimming pool or pond built, will come across a number of systems that originate from Europe,  primarily; Germany, Switzerland, & Austria and when looking for a company that installs these pools in the UK, will generally find a landscaping company that is a partner of one of these particular systems.  The landscaping company will basically become a ‘partner’ and then market themselves on pools that have been built in Europe and some in the UK as ‘show pieces’.  These systems have all proven to work relatively well and especially well for those countries climates and ecosystems.  However, a lot of natural swimming pools that have been built in this country have and are suffering from poor water quality and visibility from the systems ‘crashing’, this effectively means you get massive algal blooms, poor water quality and very poor visibility.

We are continually seeing more and more natural swimming ponds and pools that, although they look nice (until you look closer), are showing signs of problems due to the changing seasons and varying water quality parameters, that; with inadequate or incorrectly installed equipment for filtering the water and incorrect species of aquatic plants within the regeneration areas, are just simply not working.  Water and algae WILL respond differently in ALL ecosystems – effectively; you could build a natural swimming pond or pool in one county and build it the same way in another; but the water quality parameters and changing seasons (pressure, temperature & aspect), will all have an effect on the biodiversity and delicate ecosystem.

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