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Planting for Natural Swimming Pools

The purpose of plants, apart from aesthetical values and bringing nature closer to the garden, are to remove unwanted waste products from the water.  Nitrates and phosphates are the biggest causes of algae and can be caused by detritus, faeces and urea from animals and microorganisms and from our tap water.  When a pond or lake is new it has a number of years before it starts to reach maturity and during this time algae blooms can occur until the natural balance is achieved. To help speed the maturation process; mature aquatic plants can be added at the onset. 

Planting mature plants in a natural swimming pond has many advantages over using smaller plug plants grown in aquatic clay.  Obviously, seeing mature plants will add immediate impact and you don't have to wait several years to enjoy them, but the most important reason to use mature aquatic plants is because there are no nutrients in the water for months until the pool is mature for younger specimens to feed on and grow.  If smaller plants are used then they will take longer to mature and during this crucial time waste starts to accumulate in the pool from microorganisms, detritus and other causes.  If the plants aren't mature enough to absorb the waste through their root system then where does the waste go?  It ends up feeding the algae that you don't want, consequently you get an algae bloom that can take months to get rid of.  We will show you pictures from our extensive portfolio and provide you with a selection of plants so you can rest assured your natural swimming pool is planted not only to your requirements but by some of the best plants to do the job.

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