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Keeping Natural Swimming Pools Clean

Although the plants within the regeneration area are the main ‘natural’ filters; it is important to have a system that works for your natural swimming pond or pool to ensure good clarity – for this you will need to extract solids (suspended waste) that accumulates from decaying leafs or plants (detritus) and to also remove levels of Phosphate & Nitrate that comes from our tap water and also micro organisms and invertebrates.  When water is left to settle there is a natural process called 'maturation'; this is when bacteria start to colonise on different surfaces of the swimming pond, such as the filtration media, rocks, gravel & plants.  Until these bacteria have had time to grow, there is nothing to break down the waste products so the chance of experiencing an algal bloom such as string algae or green water is high.  Also; with the sudden change in water quality parameters caused by the weather; fluctuating temperatures and high levels of UV from the Sun, all play a part in causing visibility issues and unsightly algae.

To overcome this situation we install systems which are extremely effective in halting the reproduction of algae, without damaging the micro-organisms needed for maturation.  All of this helps prevent an algal bloom until the plants have reached maturity (about 2-3 yrs) and at which time the roots from the plants will do most of the work.  We design and build natural swimming ponds & pools with systems that are unique to your local area and water quality parameters, to ensure you have a clean, clear and safe environment to swim in and one that will remain so with little maintenance.

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