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Designing & Building

It is simple to dig a hole, line it and fill it with water and unfortunately that is what some so called experts do. The levels of water and exposed liner, water quality, aquatic planting and livestock health all get forgotten.  We are passionate about our work and have spent many years learning and training about pond & water garden design, fish and their habitats and that's why we take time and care when designing and building your pond.  Bringing nature closer to your garden provides a truly peaceful and relaxing area of beauty to your outdoor space; the array of spectacular colours from the fish and plants together with the sound of running water really do bring a garden to life.  Our clients are amazed at the positive difference a pond or water feature can make. As well as adding aesthetical benefits; ponds naturally attract an array of wildlife, which adds a further element of interest to your garden.

We have designed and installed ponds into areas as small as courtyards and as large as within acres of agricultural land and stately homes.  With larger-sized plots, we can design features such as a wide range of terrestrial planting, stepping stones, decking, a bog garden, meandering waterfalls or a foot bridge.  If you are limited for space, smaller ponds or water features can of course still provide the same benefits and enjoyment.

How Does It Work?

It couldn't be simpler. We will arrange to visit you for an initial visit, where we will be happy to guide you through the different aspects of your pond or water feature design that might include; the shape and size of your pond, added features such as waterfalls, streams or monoliths, advice on aquatic planting, filtration to keep your water clear and safe along with landscaping techniques for the rest of Your Garden.  You will have the opportunity to look through our extensive portfolio from the initial drawings to the completed projects which should provide you with many ideas to help you decide on the detail that will ensure your pond design is bespoke for you.


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